GC, RW Purrden Me Poppy of Purfect Gift
17th Best Kitten Region 7 - 2014-2015
Sire: Seder Rennes RedBarron of Purrden Me 
Dam: Purfect Gift Magdelena



GC Purfect Gift She's Mine
Blue Patched Tabby-White
Sire: GC Purfect Gift Connor of Purrden Me
Dam: Purfect Gift Greta



CH Purfect Gift Matilda
Black and White 
Sire: CH Purfect Gift Isaac 
Dam: Jovan Painted Pony of Purfect Gift


CH Purrden Me DaisyMae of Purfect Gift
Sire: GC Designerpurr Az Jax of Purrden Me 
Dam: CH Purrcasso Misty Blues of Purrden Me



 Purrbits Angel Dust of Busper
Brown Patched Tabby and White
(on lease - Thank you Joey for this beautiful girl)
Sire: GC Lushell Bootscootn of Purr Bits 
Dam: Purr Bits Sister


 GC Purfect Gift Faith
Brown Patched Tabby-White
Sire: CH Day Oh Revelation
Dam: Byhishands American Dream

Busper's Bonnie Lass of Purfect Gift
Red Tabby and White 
Sire: Purfect Gift Nathaniel of Busper 
Dam: Patlen Tacori Ice of Busper


Jovan Painted Pony
Black and White
Sire: GC D'Eden Lover Coca of Jova
Dam: Byhishands The Painted Veil


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